the world i’ve seen for the past 20 years abroad is not the world i wanna live in. between the communism i grew up in and the capitalist so called democratic western world there is only one difference: the better educated hypocrisy of the second.
of them all, London is the place where people despise and hate people more than anywhere, even more than the Apache peoples hate the American new inhabitant.
a place of prejudice and inhuman competition, a crematorium of both value and idealism… a place where the rich teaches the poor how to be a better slave for the perpetual starving of a mad lion.
humanity becomes the catwalk of our worst demon: bestial greed. they hide their smallness behind the amusing propaganda of the equity of chance, the stupid leads the clever, obesity became thee ultimate ideal, the pay per hour the highest deity, religion is the madness they use for decapitating belief.
culture is only the million.

and yet, this is our best option.

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  1. Vestul a fost tot timpul un loc al bestialitatii, ca forma de educatie si existenta, dar romanul nou n-a vrut sa vada, pt ca i-au placut povestile cu feti frumosi si traiul din tot felul de legende si vise lipsite de sens. A fost o mica momeala, aruncata de catre “educatorii lumii”, ca parte dintr-un experiment, efectaut dupa RM II, numita stat social, subventionat de banci, care a schimbat efemer situatia intr-una mai buna, dar, care, odata cu desfintarea estului, un alt experiment cu termen de garantie limitat, a fost retras, asa ca s-a revenit la starea naturala a sistemului, care nu este alceva decit un malaxor de vieti.
    Cu ocazia asta s-a vazut ca romanii, in imensa lor majoritate subiectii unei inginerii sociale, desfasurate intre 1950-1970, nu sint capabili sa perceapa, inteleaga sau sa accepte realitatea, preferind sa traiasca mai departe din legendele inoculate de propaganda “educatorilor”, desfasurata de-a lungul decadelor 60-80.

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    1. Sunt fericiti, Erg. Sunt oameni normali in general, alergand sa supravietuiasca, sa traiasca decent. Dar multi au devenit neplacuti, lacomi, fuduli. Nu isi ridica problemele propuse de tine. Pur si simplu. Idealismul e fara sens in povestea asta.


  2. Michael Nyman – Drowning By Number 2

    Si mai este un mic amanunt: romanii au numit “vest civilizat” marxismul cultural, ideologia dominanta dupa RM II. Lacunele majoritatii romanilor si-au spus cuvintul, gasindu-si exprimarea in degringolada in care si-au aruncat tara si neamul. Desigur, ca-n inconstienta si nestiinta lor multilateral dezvoltata, nu-si pot imagina niciodata ca orice fapte atrag dupa sine consecinte.

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